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Descriptions :Simon’s Cat Crunch Time is a match-three game in which the player meets different cats at Simon’s Cat’s pa

Descriptions :

Simon’s Cat Crunch Time is a match-three game in which the player meets different cats at Simon’s Cat’s party whose food has been stolen. You have to pass different levels to bring them food and complete different challenges. At the same time, some interesting actions are performed by these cats at the end of each level.


In Simon’s Cat Crunch Time, the story begins with cats like Simon’s Cat, Maisy and some other cats unpacking their food. It was a colorful and varied package of groceries, but something unfortunate happened when the package was quickly snatched away by a crow. At the same time, it dropped some food on its way; A search for the cats took place to recover the stolen food and complete many challenges.

Each cat has for itself some food requirements that you must meet in each level and that is also the requirement that takes place in the match three games that you have to face. Each L has a condition and specific moves that you must complete in order to complete the level and learn the journey of these cute cats. At the same time, you will also be completely amazed by the graphics that you will see in the game.


When you start Simon’s Cat Crunch Time level, you will see that some cats will appear and wait for your food. At the same time, there is a yard below, which is littered with various foods. You will swipe the screen to create a connection between these foods and make them disappear shortly after. At the same time, when the elements are close to each other, this alignment is complete, since you can make a horizontal line or any diagonal position.

An interesting point when experiencing this game is collecting the most food by swiping. You’ll be looking for a way to draw a straight line but not cross the same food twice, so it requires an element of tactics on the part of the player. At the same time, in addition to the strategy that requires observation and calculation on the player’s part, you can also use various boosters to collect many dishes in just one move.

Depending on the number of matching dishes, the corresponding boosters also appear. At the same time, some boosters don’t stay in place, but appear in any position after you create them. You also need to complete multiple levels to unlock support items.


A point and star system is also present in Simon’s Cat Crunch Time to allow players to show off their skills by completing levels with ease or with difficulty. At the same time, an interesting point when you experience these games is the action of the cats when you get the results of the game. In particular, some crows will fly by, and of course they’ll be stopped by cats in the most hilarious way.

Features :

* The cat’s food bag has been stolen and the thief has scattered the food on the street to guide the player’s search.
* You will spend time beating the match three levels as you complete the requirements and bring food to the cute cats.
* You will find a way to make the longest connection and get the most food in each of these games to solve the puzzles in the game.
* The booster and support elements allow you to collect impressive points and reach the maximum number of stars in each level.
* The cats take exciting measures to stop the crows from escaping after each level.

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