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CASE Animatronics Horror game v1.57 MOD (Unlimited Lives + Ad Free) APK

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Descriptions :Case: Animatronics (Mod, Unlimited Lives) – One of the most popular and famous horror quests that came out

Descriptions :

Case: Animatronics (Mod, Unlimited Lives) – One of the most popular and famous horror quests that came out in various options, and now it was the turn of the fans who prefer mobile devices. The action of the game is based on a police officer named John Bishop, who lingered at the police station after work, and the tricky hacker switched off the power throughout the area. Now you have to help John not just survive the nightmare. But also to find an explanation for everything that happens. Perfectly stylized graphics that convey the atmosphere. Case: Animatronics – horror! And the support of the Russian language only complements the pleasant impression of the game.

Explore the game

Every player who takes part in Case will experience extremely chaotic emotions and fear through the horror elements, and this game brings. They come to a police station; The cause of this tragic consequence is that the employees work too late and the history begins here. All players will play the role of a revised detective. You have to carry out missions at night. Your current state of mind is not stabilized by work fatigue. Suddenly you get a call from an old friend; This is the turning point of history; It will turn the world and its life upside down. The police station in which the man works is completely cut off. All security and security systems in this police department were hacked. A large -scale terror is taking place in front of her eyes. All outputs are blocked and blocked by bandits. However, this is not the most serious problem in this game.

Main developments in history

Case will lead all players to a horror story with death in every player. Someone watches them from this area. Glowing red eyes seemed to be extremely dangerous and barbaric from the dark corners. Due to the noise of metal department, they feel extremely fearful. Something terrible and terrible is to control this area. Your mission is to examine and find out what’s going on. You have to protect your life to survive and overcome the dark and challenging night. From there you can quickly examine and find out who drove all of this crazy. Immediately in the game to feel all the emotions that this platform brings to the players.

Main characteristics

The case is suitable for many different age groups, so the player base of this platform is extremely large. The hidden function is one of the special functions in this game. All objects in this game can become their lifesaver. You can hide in the closet or under the table to get rid of the threats. You have to move in this game all the time to get rid of the dangers. You have to create a way to escape lurking death. Solve brilliant puzzles, find out the cause of the chaos and do all assigned tasks. Control the surveillance camera intelligently so that you can find out the reasons for the story.

The mission of survival in the game

Survive and protect your own life in the event that one of the most critical missions is. Only a wrong step or a hasty decision can kill her. This is one of the games that help the players reduce stress and feel extremely relaxed. Come to our game, experience the most unique and exciting horror.

Features :

The object in your area can be your salvation. Animatronics cannot see that they crouch in the closet or under the table!

Stay in motion
Stay in motion, even if you see an animatronic, you may be able to run away from relentless death. Everything depends on you!

solve riddles
Try to find out the cause of this creepy chaos and complete terrible quests!

Don’t trust your eyes alone! Listen exactly to your surroundings, every stray noise could completely change the situation.

Use the tablet
Check the surveillance cameras to keep the situation under control in other rooms. However, do not forget to keep an eye on the tablet’s battery life and use the charging station in good time.

Death could only be one wrong step.

Case: Animatronics Mod features:

Unlimited life

No advertising

Last words about CASE Animatronics Horror game

Case: Animatronics is a perfect game to keep them afraid and stressed throughout the game. The game is ideal for playing with friends over the weekend, especially on Halloween. Are you ready to explore the mysterious puzzles in this game?

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